Le livre des Malédictions (Littérature) (French Edition)

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The value may change from what is shown on the store page now. To prevent another conflict over Edolas's dwindling magic power, Mystogan reverses the anima portals to return all of their world's magic taken from Earth-land, planning to take responsibility for the ensuing panic in the capital.

However, Natsu poses as a villainous demon king so Mystogan can "defeat" him and take his rightful place as the ruler of Edolas. December 17, [27].

【ピアノ】Endless Harmony を弾いてみた FAIRY TAIL ENDING 23

March 26, [28]. With Edolas saved, the Earth-land wizards and the Exceed return to Earth-land, where they find that Magnolia has been restored. Chagot explains that the Exceed's "mission" to kill dragon slayers is actually a cover story for the evacuation of Exceed eggs, including Happy and Carla's, witnessed by Carla through her precognitive powers.

Chagot and the other Exceed go their separate ways to search for their missing children and decides not to tell her daughter about her family ties. Panther Lily is accepted into Fairy Tail; the members also discover that Mirajane and Elfman's younger sister, Lisanna Strauss , has followed them back from Edolas after having been trapped in the parallel world and believed dead. After Lisanna rejoins Fairy Tail, the guild prepares for an examination held on Sirius Island, the guild's sacred ground, that will allow the one who passes to become an S-Class wizard.

Cana Alberona is chosen as one of the exam's eight participants, and contemplates leaving the guild if she fails. Lucy decides to act as Cana's partner in the exam after hearing her reasons. With Lucy's help, Cana beats fellow examinee Fried Justine and his partner Bickslow in the exam's preliminary trial. February 17, [29]. April 23, [30]. Natsu battles Gildarts Clive , Fairy Tail's strongest S-Class wizard, for his preliminary trial, which he passes after Gildarts causes him to surrender the match to teach him the benefits that fear has in helping him grow stronger.

Natsu, Cana, and the other examinees who passed the preliminary trial are then instructed to search for the grave of Mavis Vermillion , the founder of Fairy Tail. However, Grimoire Heart , the strongest dark guild in Fiore, arrives at Sirius Island in search of the still-living dark wizard Zeref , whom Natsu briefly encounters. Gajeel is injured after fighting two of Grimoire Heart's forces, while Wendy and Doranbalt , an agent of the Magic Council posing as an exam participant named Mest Gryder, are attacked by Azuma, one of the dark guild's strongest group of wizards called the Seven Kin of Purgatory.

April 15, [31]. May 28, [32].

Makarov tries to fend off Grimoire Heart by fighting against the dark guild's master Hades, whom he recognizes as Precht Gaebolg , his predecessor as Fairy Tail's master. However, Makarov is utterly defeated, leaving the rest of Fairy Tail to deal with Grimoire Heart's forces, including the Seven Kin, who reveal their guild's plan to awaken Zeref's power to create a new world where only wizards can survive while the rest of the human population would be annihilated. June 17, [33]. June 25, [34]. Loke defeats Capricorn, a celestial spirit possessed by Zoldio of the Seven Kin, releasing the spirit and allowing him to join Lucy.

Still determined to find Mavis' grave and pass the exam, Cana puts Lucy to sleep and abandons her, leaving her to be attacked by Kain Hikaru. Natsu rescues Lucy and the two defeat Hikaru, after which they regroup with Wendy. Erza and Juvia Lockser confront Merudy , who holds Gray responsible for the death of Ultear's mother, Ur , and wishes to kill him. Juvia sends Erza to regroup with their friends while she faces Merudy alone. Merudy uses her magic to synchronize her own physical senses with Juvia and Gray to ensure Gray's death regardless of the fight's outcome.

However, Juvia talks Merudy out of committing suicide, causing her to surrender.

Chapter Titles

August 17, [35]. July 30, [36]. Cana finds Mavis' grave and contemplates her decision to become an S-Class wizard to reveal to Gildarts that she is his daughter. She is devastated when she realizes she has betrayed Lucy and, taking the powerful Fairy Glitter spell from the grave, returns to save her, Natsu, and Wendy from Hades' subordinate, Blue Note Stinger.


Azuma destroys the massive tree on Sirius Island that increases the strength of all the Fairy Tail wizards on the island, weakening them. When Erza defeats Azuma and restores some of the tree's magic, the others defeat their respective opponents. Meanwhile, Gray meets Ultear, who tries tricking him into defeating Hades using the self-sacrificing spell Iced Shell so she can keep Zeref for herself. Unfooled by Ultear's deception, Gray fights her.

October 17, [37]. August 27, [38]. Ultear plans to use Zeref's power to exact revenge on her mother for apparently abandoning her to be experimented on by unethical physicians as a child. During her battle with Gray, Ultear experiences flashbacks of Ur's memories in the ocean; witnessing the doctors deceiving Ur with false news of her daughter's death, Ultear understands and accepts her mother's love.

Despite battling at full strength and being assisted by the return of Laxus, Hades's power continues to increase to the point where he becomes invincible. During their search for the power source of Hades's airship, however, Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily instead find and destroy the machine that gives Hades his magic power. December 16, [39]. September 24, [10]. Makarov allows Hades to flee the island alive, but Hades is killed inside his airship by Zeref, who reveals Grimoire Heart's efforts at reviving him to have been for naught. Elsewhere, Ultear attempts suicide out of guilt for her past actions, but Merudy rescues her, and they decide to live together.

As a result of Grimoire Heart's attempts to capture Zeref, the dragon Acnologia appears and seemingly destroys Sirius Island, causing the Fairy Tail members to disappear. Seven years later, the rest of the Fairy Tail guild has fallen into disrepair, becoming the weakest guild in Fiore. However, the missing members return, having been protected by the Fairy Sphere spell cast by Mavis' spirit.

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Zeref the White Wizard The Vow of the Doors The Greatest Power The Power of Life When the Flame Goes Out World Destruction Balance The Magic of Hope Instinct Hearts Connected You're the King Categories :. Omake Volume List : S1 S2. December 15, March 25, Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia Happy. January 12, Death Laughs Twice. March 16, June 24, May 17, September 16, July 17, January 27, The Ice Blade of Tragic Reality.

September 14, Human Law.

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Fairy Tail members. November 16, July 28, January 17, October 27, Fairy Law. March 17, December 29, Celestial Spirit King. May 16, March 23, Side Story : Happy's Little Job 5. August 12, June 22, The Decisive Outfit. October 17, September 28, December 17, May 10, Friendly Fire for Friendship's Sake. July 12, Gentle Words. Natsu Dragneel Mirajane Strauss Happy. May 15, September 27, November 8, September 17, Celestial Spirit Brawl. November 17, March 6, Jura the Tenth Saint.

January 15, June 12, Igneel Natsu Dragneel Happy. July 10, September 25, Because I'm By Your Side. August 17, November 27, Chain Cannon of the Doomsday Dragon. Team Natsu Gajeel Redfox.