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The Hour Champion: Becoming Free Through Self-Discovery eBook: Darshan Shanti: Don't let your fears and your doubts steal your life from you. so they may experience true freedom in their lives and big success in their business.

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When we start in lifestyle transformation or entrepreneurship, it is often us by ourselves. However, it is important to have a strategy to scale smart. For example, how are you scaling and repurposing your social media? How about your blog? Do you have an in house internship program to regularly handle projects? This a great way to give back and get a community of those that are excited about your mission. Do you scale repeatable tasks?

For example, online course creation? How about press, influencer marketing, or business development?

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Or what about your events? I outline each area in steps and what systems we use. I typically do a voice-over of instructions before I hand off any task to set up the community for success.

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Sometimes scaling smart is with technology, sometimes with teams, and sometimes both. I always ask what tool can I use to help with scaling this task? Then, how can I integrate a team the most efficient way possible once I am clear on the structure and systems. When I first started creating a lifestyle brand for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, I got clear on community.

I knew I wanted to not only serve an incredible community that would be want to create a life and business they love, but to also create with bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs that are social media and influencer marketing gurus that want to create a life and business they love too. I believe at its fundamental form when done right — influencer marketing — is simply inspiring with influence. When you include influencers in your experiences, they share about their transformation through their eyes. Its attraction and authenticity marketing at its best. Not to mention the priceless input you get of an ongoing focus group of actual users.

I believe the future of marketing is moving towards authenticity, attraction, experiences, and word of mouth.

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These digital marketing strategies flow with content creation like podcasts and blogs, as well as social media. When you walk through each of these steps, you may see how easy it is to get lost in any one area. Each and every step goes deep as well. That is why it is important to refocus daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. You want to make sure you are aligned with where you want to go to create a life and business you love.

This is when you in a sense when you visit all of the steps above and determine action items in each area in the next week, month, quarter and year. You align each of them to the Seven Steps of Success and you have a daily, weekly, monthly and 90 day plan to stay on track to make momentum. I intensify this by keeping track of them on an app — Focus Matrix, plus my journal, plus I write gratitude and prayers daily. Last, but definitely not least. I want you to celebrate every win. No win is too small to celebrate. For years, I used to be so goal-driven and always focus on next.

I literally would not take time to breathe. This stemmed from a belief of not believing I was enough. This belief led to behaviors that perpetuated that belief by never allowing myself to acknowledge, feel and absorb every win. Take the time to celebrate you and create confidence. You may find areas of progress and areas of opportunity in each of the 12 steps to lifestyle transformation. What is the step that spoke to you the most currently? What will you take action on next? Originally published via www.

She believes in creating a life and business you love with community and that anything is possible. Katrina believes you are meant to "Create.

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You Were Born To". Sign up for the Thrive Global newsletter. Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Time to Transform. Are you struggling mentally?

We need you!

Do you feel unhappy with your health? Is your financial situation keeping you up at night? How do you connect with a like-minded community? When you look backwards do you see growth today? As you look to the future do you feel it shifting? I get how you feel in every way. Unleash Inspiration Do you have a vision for your life beyond today, this month or this year? What do you want to create? How do you want to transform? Who do you want to inspire?

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How do you want to impact the world? What legacy do you want to leave? Unleash Inspiration 3. Clear the Clutter When we make a decision to rise up to a new level in any area of life, we get to clear the clutter.

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  5. Katrina Julia 4. Take Time to Transform You may get a sense for how these steps are very intentional as we continue to walk through. Time to Transform 5. Get Smart with Social When is the last time you assessed your intention and results with social media? Become a Money Maker and Manager Money.

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    When is the last time you thought about your money mindset? Do you have a budget? How about savings? Are you solely relying on someone else to tell you what income you receive? How you do you create value — solely for others, or for yourself — or BOTH? Or are you actively creating income streams somehow some way? Do you have more than enough money all the time? Or do you regularly experience more month than money?

    Galatians People talk about a 6 Pack of Abs. How About a 6 Pack of Wealth? Build a Boss Brand 8. Be a Website Wonder There is an art and science to social media, digital marketing, and your website. Scale Smart When we start in lifestyle transformation or entrepreneurship, it is often us by ourselves. Think about how you could do this to simplify structure and systems for your team. Inspire with Influence When I first started creating a lifestyle brand for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, I got clear on community. Some platforms to try out to simplify include Collabor8, Rep, and Ninja Outreach to name a few.

    Make Momentum When you walk through each of these steps, you may see how easy it is to get lost in any one area. Create Confidence Last, but definitely not least.