Le livre des Malédictions (Littérature) (French Edition)

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I was so shocked by what had happened in this case, for many reasons.

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Partly because the woman was incredible; she was clever in the way she had manoeuvred out of a really violent relationship. The play is structured as a kind of detective story with twists and revelations. Was all that in the coroner's report or did you have to fill it out? No, it was definitely all there. It generally is in all coroner's reports.

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This is no different than many other family violence victims who have been murdered by their partner. These are devastating tales of survival.

Women put so much on the line to survive, to make sure they and their children are safe. Why was that?

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I kept returning to my own experience of telling friends about these kinds of stories at night over a bottle of wine. I couldn't stop telling these stories because I wasn't seeing them being reflected in the news; it wasn't reflected in what people were talking about.

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I wanted people to realise these stories are happening right under their noses. It's happening in your apartment block, it's happening everywhere.

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It's not uncommon. It's not an issue of one race or one class — it's a very Australian issue. The statistics continue to show it affects all classes equally, all races, and that was part of the story I wanted to tell. You've got Emily Barclay playing you.

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Do you know Emily well? Or what was it like meeting her? It was really nerve-wracking at first because you have a character that is you and the idea of someone playing you — well, it's a pretty scary thought.

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I'd seen her work, and I thought she was just incredible, but when I first met her we had this amazing connection. She had Bikini Kill tattoos — my favourite band!

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Then in , Dardie Robinson, a tenacious investigator with a Portland law firm began digging into the circumstances surrounding Rhonda's death. She wanted to prevent him from gaining custody of Annie and the life insurance money. In the meantime, a parallel investigation into the case by co-authors Steve Jackson, an award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author, and private investigator Tom McCallum, posed the same questions.

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What really happened to Rhonda Casto on that cold, rainy afternoon on the Eagle Creek trail? And what would become of her child? Home Explore Podcasts Search Download the app.