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But as soon as the sun starts going down something happens. Night calms everything down with its atmosphere because the chaos that surrounds Rome is orbing in a silent and gentle way. When moon shows up creates a surreal magic: in fact during day the city amasses the infinite bustle of people, traffic is coming and going flowing continuously like a wild river; but suddenly a trick happens: night comes, it washes away everything, it destroys that frenzy and everything gets melted in an unexpected motionlessness; time freezes and Rome reveals itself.

It is art, it is human nature, it wants to be admired and we reflect on it, and so each building can release its energy that was kept hidden during the day.

The dark side of Rome is a long walking journey in solitude across buildings, churches, temples and squares of the eternal city. They may also have greater inherited insensitivity to social disconnection, according to recent research. Although loneliness is greater among people living alone, it can be felt while in a relationship or group. As the number of work hours and household television sets has increased, family dinners have declined.

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Today, although the quantity of interactions has increased, due to the proliferation of cell phones, screen time is replacing face time. People spend more time on their digital devices than in face-to-face conversations, contributing to more loneliness Cacioppo, A UCLA study showed that social skills are declining as a result.

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Recently, Pew Research Center found that 82 percent of adults felt that the way they used their phones in social settings hurt the conversation. The absence of someone nurturing to listen, care, and affirm our existence makes us feel isolated or emotionally abandoned. Although intimate connections are the remedy, characteristically, codependent relationships lack intimacy.

Codependents have difficulty with intimacy due to shame and poor communication skills. Often they partner with someone addicted, abusive, or just emotionally unavailable and they may be, as well.

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Whether alone or in a relationship, codependents may be unable to identify the source of their unhappiness. Others know, but find it difficult to effectively ask for their needs. Their relationship dynamics and loneliness may seem familiar, like the emotional dysfunction in their childhood. We want and need emotional closeness from our partner and friends, but when an intimate, emotional bond is lacking, we experience disconnection and emptiness.

The undercurrent of loneliness and fear of loneliness stem from chronic lack of connectedness and loneliness in childhood. Children feel ignored, unloved, shamed, or alone.

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To cope, they withdraw, accommodate, rebel, or take up addictions, and mask and, eventually, deny what they feel inside. Meanwhile, the growing sense of separation from themselves and lack of authentic connection with a parent s can breed inner loneliness and feelings of unworthiness.

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It is at the same time the source of guilt and anxiety. Repeated break-ups and abandoning relationships can foster a worsening cycle of abandonment. The greater our loneliness, the less we seek to engage with others, while our anxiety around authentic connection grows.

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Studies show than prolonged loneliness breeds low self-esteem, introversion, pessimism, disagreeableness, anger, shyness, anxiety, lessened social skills, and neuroticism. We imagine negative evaluations from others, called shame anxiety. This leads to anxious, negative, and self-protective behaviors, to which other people respond negatively, fulfilling our imagined outcome. The shame associated with loneliness is directed not only against ourselves. It is also experienced from others with gender differences.

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Lonely men are perceived more negatively than women, and more negatively by women, even though more women than men report feeling lonely Lau, The strong association between loneliness and depression is well documented. Loneliness also triggers serious health risks , affecting our endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular systems, and accelerating death. According to a recent study , the lonely have increased risk for cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and viral infections.

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Perceived loneliness triggers a flight-or-fight stress response. Stress hormones and inflammation rise, and exercise and restorative sleep decrease. Norepinephrine surges, shutting down immune functions and ramping up production of white blood cells that cause inflammation. Meanwhile, it makes us less sensitive to cortisol that protects us from inflammation.

We may not feel like talking to someone, even though it would help. Now we have the data to explain why biological, even genetic changes make loneliness hard to overcome. We may turn to addictive behavior instead of seeking social connection.

https://daysaymacctentwho.ga There is a high correlation between obesity and loneliness.