Le livre des Malédictions (Littérature) (French Edition)

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Celebrate this Hanukkah by giving the gift of cuteness.

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25 Diverse & Inclusive Children’s Books About Christmas

Here are a few of their top suggestions worth trying this holiday season. Most home cooks opt for a frozen turkey, but chef Sara Moulton recommends buying fresh. The reason: Muscle cells damaged by ice crystals lose fluid while the turkey thaws and roasts, making it easier to end up with a dried-out bird.

For those who stick with a frozen turkey, make sure to properly thaw the bird—one day in the fridge for every pounds. Idealizing the big, fat Thanksgiving turkey is a mistake, according to numerous chefs. Large birds take more time to cook, which can dry out the meat. Brining a turkey adds flavor, and it allows salt and sugar to seep deep into the meat, helping it retain moisture as the bird cooks. You can opt for a basic brine like the one chef Chris Shepherd recommends, which calls for one cup sugar, one cup salt, five gallons of water, and a three-day soak. One challenge is finding a container big enough to hold a bird and all the liquid.

Salt should be the base ingredient, and to that you can add dried herbs, pepper, citrus and other seasonings. In addition to a shorter prep time, chefs say a dry brine makes for crispier skin and a nice, moist interior.

Let it sit out for two to three hours first. This might sound like sacrilege to traditional cooks and turkey lovers. Chef Marc Murphy, owner of Landmarc restaurants in New York, told the Times he roasts the breast and the legs separately, while chef R.

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Quinn prefers to cut his turkeys in half before cooking them. Bobby Flay, meanwhile, strikes a balance : "I roast the meat until the breasts are done, and then cut off the legs and thighs.

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The breasts can rest, and you can cook off the legs in the drippings left in the pan. Many chefs these days advise against cooking stuffing inside the turkey. The reason? You can check out some more tips to prevent food poisoning on Thanksgiving here. Thomas Keller, founder of The French Laundry, recommends using clarified butter. A quality meat thermometer is a must, chefs say. Keller likes to cook his turkey at a consistent degrees. This allows the bird to cook quickly, and creates a crisp shell of reddish-brown skin.

Ruth Reichl, the famed magazine editor and author, seconds this method, but warns that your oven needs to be squeaky clean, otherwise leftover particles could smoke up. Spreading juices over top the turkey would seem to add moisture, no? Not necessarily. According to chef Marc Vogel , basting breaks the caramelized coating that holds moisture in. The more you do it, the more time moisture has to seep out of the turkey. Also, opening the oven releases its heat, and requires several minutes to stabilize afterward. Best to aim somewhere in the middle: Baste every 30 minutes while roasting.

Famed chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsey lets his turkey rest for a couple hours. BY Rebecca Romney. Courtesy of David M. Courtesy of Bauman Rare Books. Courtesy of Honey and Wax Booksellers. Courtesy of Brian Cassidy Bookseller. Courtesy of Peter Harrington Rare Books. Courtesy of E. Maurice Books. Courtesy of Adrian Harrington Rare Books.

The Night Before Christmas

The Snowman and the Snowdog Snow Globe. Running Press. The Night Before Christmas. Clement C. Susanna Davidson. The Jolly Christmas Postman. Allan Ahlberg. Father Christmas. The Polar Express. Chris Van Allsburg.

A Child's Christmas In Wales. Dylan Thomas. A Child's Christmas in Wales. A Christmas Carol.

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Charles Dickens. The Box of Delights. John Masefield. The Dark is Rising.

Susan Cooper. Noel Streatfeild's Christmas Stories. Noel Streatfeild. Jingle Bells. James Lord Pierpont. The Nutcracker. Natee Puttapipat. Dick Bruna.