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I once played this game with a girl who I'd been hanging out with. We were mutually flirty, and I was expecting some kind of blushing admission that she was attracted to me. She paused a moment, then proceeded to tell me about the day her father murdered her mother.

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Fucking floored me. Oh christ, I hope it's not the same girl, but I had the exact same experience. You don't live in Texas, do you? You had that happen too?

A Secret Seduction

Are there several women out there who like to tell this story or are we just sleeping with the same one? Holy shit balls.

My eyes could've fallen out of my sockets after reading that. I can't imagine being in that situation with someone. I subscribe to a subreddit about helping men get better with women. Edit: Thank you for the gold! Never thought this would happen to me since I hardly ever say anything! Haha, I was asked this recently. No lie I said on a whim "I secretly love Disney songs. Everytime a girl asks you this question say you'll tell her but you can't really explain it and it'll be easier to just show it. Bring her home.

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Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Response for when a girl says "Tell me a secret. They feel safe with him and they trust him. The Four Layers of a Woman. What do I mean by a woman who knows who she is? She stands up for her beliefs. She is emotionally self-sustaining and respects herself and her body. She chooses her community, her men and her work environment in ways that reflect the way she feels about herself.

Nor is she one of those women who have lost their voice. I often refer to an epidemic among women today who have seemingly lost their courage to speak up. They minimize themselves and swallow their words. They tend to make themselves small so as not to usurp a man or worry how he might handle not having his ego stroked. We want you to be seen and heard. Men love strong women.

What kind of man might be intimidated by a strong woman? I can tell you that men are very attracted to powerful women who value themselves. A man who is intimidated or threatened or feels like he needs to compete with a woman and make her wrong, or bully her by making her feel small is a man who does not know who he is. Moreover, a strong woman who has self-respect and knows her true value is just not attracted to a man who is abusive or disrespectful.

A woman who embraces her femininity and allows her sensuality to flow through her is a woman who knows her strength and the power of her seduction.

Sweet-sweet Seduction

Power and seduction is not about trying to take advantage of men or exploit them or use men for money, sex or status. In other words, a woman who embraces her femininity and allows her sensuality to flow through her is a woman who knows her strength and the power of her seduction. An independent woman who knows who she is thinks for herself, makes decisions and trusts them. My girlfriend, my sister, my mother, they change their minds all the time. They have no idea what they want.

She knows that she wants commitment. She knows that she wants to be a mother, be it a working mother or a career woman. She knows that what she wants is a family with several kids.

Quincy Jones - The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

A woman who knows what she wants really embraces her commitments. Some women have a very difficult time with commitment. There are much bigger commitments than fidelity. It can be difficult for many women to be assertive without worrying about being judged as too masculine or emasculating their men. Competition should be left on the sports field and in politics and business.

There is no competition.

Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite) Lyrics

Women are always going to want to feel safe. So, what are the traits of women who are not that interested in their own growth? Think about some of your girlfriends with whom you have drifted apart over the years. You may well have decided those relationships no longer serve you and already let them go. They live superficially and there is just very little authentic about them. Without judging them, you have merely moved into a different sphere of influence or connected with a deeper circle of friends.

The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite) Lyrics

It can be quite challenging to keep growing when it would be a lot easier to stay in your comfort zone or stagnant relationship, including financial security and feeling safer staying married to a man who supports you despite being miserable but still staying in it because the financial security is the overriding hook. I have certainly worked with many courageous women who forfeited their luxuries and their comforts because it was just not worth the compromise in terms of feeling trapped, stuck and miserable. She believes in him, she supports him and she builds him.

This comes from the wisdom and reflections of 30 years of my working with literally thousands of men and women. Every man will agree that there is nothing more powerful than knowing he is supported and that his woman believes in him. She believes in him and sees a precious diamond in the rough. I would go so far as to say that she sees his true potential and her supporting him serves as the catalyst to catapult him into his power and launch him out to the world.