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For injured player if play is stopped.

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At half time. A player recieving a caution yellow card MAY be substituted for at that time. Field Size: All 7v7 games will be played on a 50 yd x 30 yd field. The penalty area will be marked by a blue arc. The penalty area will be marked by a blue rectangle. Modifications: In all 7v7 games, the defending team must retreat back to midfield on all goal kicks. Once the ball is played in and is touched by a player on the attacking team, the defending team may cross midfield and resume play. Fair Play: SUSC wishes to create an environment that prioritizes sportsmanship and fair play throughout the weekend.

Losing team receives points also. Examples: A tie will be scored as 4 points for each team 3 points for the tie, 1 point for the shutout ; a game will be scored as 9 points for the winning team 6 points for the win, 3 points for goals and 2 points to the losing team 2 for the goals scored. The final score will be based on the score at the time of forfeit. Penalty kicks If it gets to this stage, the time and location of the penalty shootout will be communicated to both teams by tournament staff. If the team is not able to field a team after 10 minutes of the start time of the match, it will be considered a forfeit.

The game score will be recorded as in favor of the team that was present at the game time. No additions, modifications, or reductions of the rule sets for Cups or any other Ranked tournament are allowed by tournament officials. Any changes that modify the established rulesets will invalidate the tournament and disqualify participants from contributing to their rank with that event.

The Silph League Arena reserves the right to publish tournament information at any time including during the tournament. Tournament information includes, but is not limited to, the contents of one or more competitors' battle teams, descriptions of strategies or play, transcripts, video reproductions, and tournament logs. The Silph Arena reserves the right to publish penalty and suspension information.

Tournament Organizers and Staff are considered Tournament Officials. A single individual may act in any combination of official tournament roles. Individuals at a tournament who are not Officials are Spectators, including Competitors in any match in which they are not playing. In addition, the Silph Arena may have representatives present during any Ranked tournament and, though they are present in official Arena capacity, they do not fall specifically within the above role list and may be called upon for rulings like other official roles.

Officials, competitors, and spectators are all required to follow the Silph Arena Rules. Evidence of misconduct by any role should be submitted via the Report Misconduct form to be reviewed by the Arena Team.

Tournament Rules | Wellesley United Soccer Club

All relevant evidence and information should be included. Tournament Officials Organizers and Staff are responsible for the integrity of the tournament, with their duties including but not limited to:. Tournament Organizers have additional responsibilities, including but not limited to:. Ranked tournaments require the presence and availability physical or virtual of at least one Tournament Official during play to adjudicate disputes, interpret rules, and make other official decisions. Tournament officials are expected to be aware of any potential logistical issues, look into possible violations, make rulings on disputes, and apply the Silph Arena Rules in a fair and consistent manner.

These officials are the judicial authority at any Arena-sanctioned tournament, and tournament participants are expected to follow their interpretations and rulings. In addition to following all Silph Arena Rules, Competitors are responsible for:. Any person present either physically or remotely while a tournament is in play, who is not in any other category above, is a spectator.

Rules of Survival: RGS NA Cup: Fox Plain, Week 1 Day 2

This includes competitors that are not actively engaged in a match. Spectators are responsible for remaining courteous and passive during matches and other official tournament sections. If spectators believe they have observed a rule or policy violation, they are encouraged to alert an official as soon as possible. Competitors may request that spectators not observe their matches in order to preserve their hidden information.

Tournament officials may also instruct a spectator not observe a match or matches. Anyone is eligible to participate as a competitor in a sanctioned Arena tournament or to authorize their community and participate as a tournament official except for:. Ranked tournaments are not required to be open invite, though it is strongly encouraged in the spirit of the Arena. Officials may not bar competitors based on race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or other similar attributes.

Additionally, officials may not exclude or include competitors or groups of competitors in any attempt to manipulate or influence match or tournament outcomes, player rank, or leaderboards. If a competitor does not obtain a Travelers Card before the event, they should be aware that their matches and progression may not contribute to their ranking. Failure to disclose multiple cards may lead to termination of one or all of the accounts.

Competitors who have not opted out of rankings during the Season must leave their Travelers Card publicly readable for the duration of the Season.

AGA Tournament Rules

If a competitor hides their Travelers Card i. Prior to the start of a tournament, Tournament Organizers may change or cancel a tournament for any reason, with no prior notice, although every effort should be made to keep the registered competitors aware of any changes when possible. Tournaments should only be concluded early for reasons that mean the tournament is unable to proceed and conclude as planned.

These reasons include but are not limited to:. Ranked tournaments consist of a set number of rounds, determined by the number of competitors when the tournament begins.

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Each round contains matches between paired competitors and the round is complete when all competitors have reported their match outcomes. Matches consist of a set of battles or "games" between the paired competitors. The winner of the "best of 3" match will get a point for that round. Individual battle wins are tracked for global ranking, but do not affect the tournament outcome beyond contributing to the secondary tie-breaker option.

Drawn games i. Tournament officials may set reasonable time limits on each round within which competitors will need to start, conclude, and report their matches.


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Prior to the start of the tournament, competitors must register their Battle Team on silph. Tournament officials must confirm the Arena Rules with the competitors and announce any specific logistics for that tournament i. Match outcomes must be self-reported by each competitor via silph. Outcomes should be reported as soon as the match is complete and should not exceed the round time limits that may be set by Tournament Organizers to be communicated to competitors prior to the start of the tournament. If there is a dispute between reported match outcomes, officials will confirm the correct results via the in game journal and correct on silph.

Matches may not end in a draw. Battles that end in a draw verified by the journal entries do not count as a win for either player. Competitors must play until the required number of wins has been achieved, unless one player has conceded, is disqualified, or is otherwise removed from the match or tournament. No other means may be used to determine the match outcome. Once the Tournament Organizer begins the tournament, Battle Teams are locked in and revealed to all competitors.

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Battle Team registration information may be posted publicly, with or without unique competitor attribution, or kept hidden depending on the specific ruleset of the tournament. In order to preserve hidden information, competitors should refrain from spectating other matches in their tournament until they have completed their final match, unless the competitors being observed permit it.

Tournament Rules

Competitors must not actively attempt to gain hidden information and should not share information that was inadvertently learned. However, it is the responsibility of each competitor to protect their own hidden information, and competitors are not required to inform opponents who accidentally reveal hidden information. Officials have the option to perform Battle Team checks checking for compliance with what is registered on silph. Officials may also require reasonable information such as Fast and Charged TM count to be verified and recorded prior to the tournament start and perform audits during the tournament.